Colloquium Themes

PAC Colloquium on Citizen Voices in Environmental Governance

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Laws, Regulations and Institutions on Environmental Governance in India

Environmental laws, regulations and institutions in India have received in India – inviting informed critiques of existing policies, historical legacies, reforms on the table and more. The theme would also include the institutional setup in India and the policymakers on environmental issues.


  • History of environmental legislation and policy in India.
  • Comparative analyses of environmental governance and citizen movements across countries
  • Global Environmental Goverance
  • Institutional structures in central, state and local governments and spaces for citizen engagement.

Climate Change: Policies, Debates and Initiatives

This theme will focus on the nascent public and official discourse on climate change in India, as well as official policies being formulated, the various actors and governmental and non-governmental initiatives that have taken place on climate change adaptation in India.


  • Global and local discourses on climate change.
  • International cooperation on climate change mitigation – how can citizens play a proactive role?
  • Policy responses to climate change within India: national and state action plans, other initiatives.
  • Climate change adaptation from the grassroots: success stories of bottom-up adaptation efforts by communities, civil society and researchers.

Influencing Environmental Policy in India

We invite case studies of citizens, civil society and others who have influenced environmental policies in India at various levels. These can be through any methods: public campaigns, litigation, policy research and others.

It is often challenging to successfully combine robust research on environmental issues with successful advocacy in order to bring about environmental conservation and prevent resource degradation or pollution. We invite speakers on methods and experiences in combining research and advocacy, as well on tools that can engage community and citizen concerns to be effective in promoting good environmental governance. This can include energy audits, environmental report cards and score cards, Environmental Impact Assessments and more.


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